When to Go

Cruises sail to Hawaii year-round, making a trip to the island paradise possible whenever you desire. Most people plan their trip to Hawaii to escape the dead of winter. Mid-December through the end of March is the peak time for travel. July and August is also a busy period, particularly for family travel. The islands are less busy April through June and September through mid-December.

While the flow of travelers to Hawaii may wax and wane, the weather is more than accommodating throughout the year. Temperatures in summer average between 75 and 88 degrees and in winter fall slightly to between 68 and 80 degrees. The summer weather lasts from May to October and is drier than the winter season, which lasts from November through April. Trade winds ensure that even warm days are comfortable and the average water temperature is a pleasant 74 degrees.

Even during the wetter winter months rain is unlikely to completely spoil a trip to Hawaii. The weather is very localized and varies greatly because of the diverse topography of the islands: rugged mountains, deep-cut valleys and coastal plains. So even if it's raining where you are, there's likely a sunny spot on the coast.

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