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Hawaii Cruises
Hawaii Cruises

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Can I afford a Hawaii cruise?
If you can afford to take a hotel-based vacation in Hawaii, you can afford to take a cruise vacation to Hawaii. There are cruises available at a range of prices -- from moderate to luxury -- and all represent perhaps the best value for your vacation dollar.

What do I get for my money?
Your cruise price includes your cabin, all meals, entertainment, parties and, of course, all transportation between all the ports on your itinerary. On most ships, alcoholic beverages and optional shore excursions are not included in the basic price.

Will I feel bored or confined on board?
Never! Think of a cruise ship as a floating resort. Onboard activities begin at dawn and go into the wee hours of the night. The scenery is constantly changing, and every port is filled with new and exciting opportunities for exploration.

What can I do on a ship?
That depends on the ship, but generally the larger ships will have the most activities. You may wish to lounge on deck by the pool with a good book, sign up for exercise or cooking classes, swim, play bingo, bridge or gamble in the casino (international waters only), take in a Broadway-style floor show or a magician's act, enter a talent show or a putting contest, take a dance class, get a massage or attend a lecture.

How long do Hawaii cruises last?
Vacations To Go sells cruises that visit Hawaii that range from 7 to 17 nights.

Is airfare included in my cruise price?
Cruise lines usually offer both a cruise-only price and an AIR/SEA price that includes connecting airfare, transfers between the airport and ship and baggage handling. In some instances, only the cruise-only fare is available. The prices shown on our site are typically cruise-only, but our cruise counselors will gladly provide an air-inclusive price if requested.

What's a shore excursion?
That's a term that refers to organized activities off the ship, in port, that are typically purchased from the cruise line.

Are all cruise ships in Hawaii the same?
Absolutely not. They range from vessels with 700 passengers to larger ships with a maximum capacity of over 2,600 people.

Is a Hawaii cruise suitable for families with kids?
Your cruise counselor can advise you of the cruise ships in Hawaii that are not kid-friendly.

Are cruises really that popular?
You better believe it! More than 20 million people will cruise in the next year, and cruising routinely earns the highest ratings in customer satisfaction among all vacation categories. Once you try it, you'll be hooked.